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    NukeTreasury is a mod for PHP-Nuke.  It adds front-end components to help you get your donations in the door, and back-end components to help you manage it.  The mod is designed for organizations that require donations every month to pay their expenses.  It provides a visual indication of how much money you need this month, who's donated, and how much is left to be donated.

    NukeTreasury seamlessly integrates your PayPal account with your Nuke site.  Your members will get instant feedback on their donation and see it listed as soon as they complete the PayPal transaction.  The mod records your member's names and associates that name with their donation.  Members will see their name listed in a Nuke block.  If they so desire, they can select to have their donation made anonymously.

The NukeTreasury includes 3 primary components:

Donatometer block - Adds live PayPal stats, a monthly goal with a deadline, and lists members who donate.

Donations Module - Adds a place where you can explain to your users and your community why it is that you need their donations.  This text area is stored in the database and no file editing is required.  The module lists all donators in the current month and provides a donation form that links directly to PayPal.

Admin Panel - The Treasury admin panel provides a simple register like where you can record all the credits and debits to your organizations funds as well as show a balance of funds.  You can roll-up your donations into the register (useful at the end of the month).

    The admin panel also includes an extensive configuration panel.  Nearly every option used in the mod can be configured to your liking, right down to the dimensions of the images used.  If that's not enough, the Donatometer block and Donations module are both read from html templates to you can easily customize them to your liking.  However, the mod is designed so that NO FILE EDITING IS NECESSARY.  After unpacking the distribution file you only need to configure a few options and your off and collecting donations.

   I honest believe that aside from being a cool mod, NukeTreasury can help increase your donations.  It certainly has for me.  People like to know why they should give their money away, and they want to see where it's going.  NukeTreasury provide facilities to satisfy both of these concerns.